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Brand Design & Digital Identity for Postman


Postman is a modern software that helps you develop APIs faster. We developed a unique visual language complete with digital assets, illustrations and print materials for the brand.


Website Illustrations & Hero Headers

The idea of the intergalactic themes universe came from the idea of being able to ‘launch’ an API. Creating visual solutions and illustrations for complex concepts was one of the most important challenges of the project.


What is a collection?

Concept Iterations


Final Design


The aim was to come up with a visual to represent Postman’s Collection - which is a shareable entity used for collaboration. Common requests can be saved in collections. Adding scripts and tests makes a collection more powerful.


Digital Assets & Slides for Brand Decks


We created a set of visuals to be used in marketing decks for pitches. These depict various kinds of people that form Postman’s target audience. Additionally, we created RPG style templates to display these various personas.